Labour medicine

In order to provide qualified services and correct partnership under preferential terms and competitive prices, FSK Capital LTD collaborates with the Occupational Health Service in "MEDIAMED” LTD, in the field of health and safety working conditions.

"MEDIAMED” LTD is a registered office of occupational medicine and holds a certificate № 397 from 20. 03. 2009 г., issued by Ministry of Health and Order № РД 15 – 1293 from 15. 05. 2008 г. of Health Minister, in accordance with art. 25г, §. 3 under the National Health and Safety Labor law.

"MEDIAMED” LTD performs the functions of Occupational Medicine, meeting the criteria and requirements specified in Order № 3 from 25. 02. 2008 regarding the terms and conditions for the activities of occupational medicine and art. 25, §. 1 under the National Health and Safety Labor law, according to which "employers are providing workers with services of registered occupational medicine”.

We offer the following activities:

Elaboration of company documents, in accordance with the legal requirements.

Workplace risk evaluations.

Service of Occupational Medicine:

• Elaboration of health records of workers and employees
• Determination of preventative and periodical prophylactic examinations for the employees
• Organization of periodical prophylactic examinations
• detailed observation medical analysis of personnel and its relation with the working conditions
• assistance to implement the correct policies to promote the health and safety in the workplace

Perform measuring in accordance to legal requirements:

• work environment factors – microclimate, lighting, noise, vibration, chemical agents, electromagnetic fields
• electrical safety – contour impedance “phase - protective conductor”, resistance grounding and lightning systems, insulation resistance of power cables and faulty electric protection

Perform qualified training of the staff:

• training of officials on Safety and Health in the workplace
• working conditions training of committee and groups
• training of electrical staff to obtain / confirm the qualifying group on electrical safety – up to and exceeding 1000 volts
• training on the rules for first aid

Additional activities on specific inquiry and wide consulting assistance in the field of health and safety in the workplace.